• Every year at the Annual General Meeting of the Clear Lake Property Owners Association, we elect directors for a 3 year term. Help shape and grow the organization focusing on Water Quality, Environmental Stewardship, and more! This year Ron Cox of the current 11 directors will be seeking re-election to continue with the board, while a Kipling Campbell has decided to not resign. With a maximum of 13 Directors on the board, we have room to grow. If you would like to be considered, email info@clearlakepropertyowners.com to find out how!

    Don’t want to join the Board? Come to the AGM on July 5th and learn about what’s happening with the lake anyways!

    Edit: In a Prior version, we incorrectly stated 2 year terms. In fact they are 3 years. We also stated incorrectly that several members were up for election when only Ron Cox is.