• About Us

  • The Clear Lake Property Owner's Association was formed in the early 1990's as a reflection of dedication by concerned property owners to the long term preservation of Clear Lake.

    We continue to seek like-minded property owners and their families to join our working groups and committees.

    Let's work together to ensure the best interests of all property owners, their families and guests are carefully protected and preserved. 

    Have an idea for an event? Or an issue you would like the Executive Members to discuss in an upcoming newsletter? Contact us.

  • Board of Directors

    Ken Core - President
    Craig Evison - Vice President
    Gina Newhall - 2nd Vice President
    Dan Laing - Treasurer
    Glenn Iverson - Secretary
    Sam Henechowicz - Website
    Brian Isard - Water Testing
    Ron Cox - Dam Control
    Adam Grin
    Kim Beemer
    Geoff Pantling
    George Voduris
    Randy Bruder
  • Territory map